Munacs Museum in Arezzo. A new discovery in the city.


Walking in Arezzo is always a discovery. The last one? MUNACS Museum.
As a lover of french world and antiquaries I couldn’t do nothing but appreciate this new little museum born in Arezzo in October. 
The french history of Tuscany is told in a series of letters, coins and stamps. But who can better talk about the museum if not a member of the structure?

I had the opportunity to interview the youngest member of the museum who explained me the reasons that brought the collectors of the city to open this museum and their next goals. 

  1. What is your concept of art?

For me Art is everything, it’s us, it’s what surrounds us. Everything we see or touch or that somehow we succeed in perceiving it’s a little particle of that bigger atom we all call Art. Art is the pleasant, it’s the charming, it’s that thing that capture us at the point we could stay hours and hours standing at it in observation without being tired. 

2. When was your passion for Art born?

Sincerely I’m not able to date this passion, also because I think we born with this type od passions, at least it was like this for me. Since I was a young boy I used to reserve everything : from the pieces of paper I wrote when I was out of the city to museums’ tickets I visited. In few words, everything could make me remember those moments. Talking about collect consciously, it’s to say be aware of what I was collecting, it came out about 4 years ago and since then I have been collecting and collecting, historicizing as much as possible, up to make a part of this objects relive in the museum. 

3. What was the input that pushed you all create this museum? 

At the beginning the « Associazione culture Collezionisti Storici Aretini » kept, monthly,every first week end a series of meetings, conferences and expositions in Galleria Bruschi of Arezzo. In 2015, year when I joined the association, they had an innovative idea : instead of going to expose in someone else’s home, why not creating a house of us?
Starting from this idea everything came to reality; the research of a right place,people to involve,sponsors, the furnishing and all that has to be done for the success of this project,
In my presentation letter to this association I pointed out my philosophy of collecting which was that one to make my little collection available to everyone. This one, put tighter to the other ones would have create a real museum, just like every big museum did in the past. 

4. What’s your role inside the museum? 

I’m one of the 18 founders of the museum and since I hadn’t a specific collection, but I go to an object to another, I decided with the President Alain Borghini to ricreate in my showcase a little Wunderkammer,  better to say a wonder room that between XVI and XVII century were made by nobles and kings to impress whoever was gone in their palaces. In this little treasure chest we could find everything : from paintings to prints, from jewels to embalmed animals, everything was retained extraordinary or charming. And that’s why in my little Wunderkammer you can admire a print of the XVIII cent. some ancient books, a pocket watch  in gold 10K from the half of XIX cent. embalmed fishes, foxholes and a series of religious objects. 

5 . What’s your favorite piece ?

I haven't one because every piece, for a reason or another, came to me.  Yes because I think that are the objects to search us and we allow them to find us thanks to our « aura » and love for collecting. This create a particular link with the collection, a similar link that comes up between parents and children and as for them is difficult for me to say which is my favorite one and which is not. I can also say that the paper in general has always fascinated me and it still continues to excite me. 

6. Which goals do you hope to reach in 5 years?

As every big museum we hope to gain fame with time but,most of all to become a firm point for all the collectors in Italy and outside Italy, making Arezzo being the cradle of the historical collecting in which everyone can relay on. 

7 Which are the next initiatives of the museum?

We will make an aperitif  of self-financing, followed by  rod of christmas chests,both to promote the museum and to collect some money for the structure , useful for the payment of the assurance for the objects and the rent. We are also waiting in 2016 two groups of associations that will make some scholastics guided tours of the museum for the scholar of the province.
During December week ends we have invited a chocolate’s sculptor form arezzo, Alessandro Marrone, that will entertain the public with the realization of pieces of art in chocolate and not just this, the whole situation will take place in the museum that will be decoded in christmas colors.We will also bring back to life some XIX century clothes with the help of the Liceo Artistico of Arezzo; this clothes will stay permanently in the museum.
Last but not least, Bolaffi of Milan asked us to host some expertise days. 
These are some of the events that are coming. 

Visit the Facebook page of the museum! 

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