"A"rt Corner: The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh.


Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
The Starry Night
Oil on canavas
Cm 72,5 x 92 

The Starry night of Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most known painting of the artist and at the same time the one we know less about.
We know that Van Gogh used to write to his brother Theo about his production but he only mentioned the Starry night twice and en passant.
In one of his letter the artist explain his concept of night, definding it vivider and more colored than the day. The Starry night focuses on the sad movement of the night.
The painting is quite simple, the sky fills  ¾ of the painting. We can notice a tower,typical of Holland’s churches ( native place of the artist), but the focus lies in the sky, moving,alive,full of stars. Van Gogh didn’t use the plein air tecnique ,typical of the Impressionism, but only his memories.
The use of yellow,orange and white win the atmosphere of the night; they couldn’t be found enywhere else.

The yellow, frequently used in Van Gogh paintings represent the percepition in the sight of schizophrenic people, as Vincent Van Gogh was.

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