Van Gogh experience in Florence.


Here we are in Florence. 
Today it's Easter but it really doesn't matter to me so..... 

There's nothing else better than art and I'm really convinced about that. This experience concernes different senses, in fact we don't only have a visual impact entering in this desecrated church near Ponte Vecchio. Our imagination can travel around Van Gogh World also through classical music that follows all the images projected in this little but confutable church.
What I liked most is the live acting experience. In fact we see the building of many of the most important Van Gogh paintings through a digital process that is projected all over the church.
The whole experience is a mixture of colors and music that makes the spectator reflect about the artist life and, why not, also his own one.

It doesn't take too much time to see it, it's only 20 minutes for a 12 euro ticket.

Here it is a little video of this great experience 

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