4th and 5th day of Milan fashion week.


Fashion week is over,at least in Milan but those two last days have been full of glamour and emotions.

The forth day began with Mila Schön fashion show. A mix of 70's cuts and a milan of 2019. Colorfull and as fine as unique, the new Mila Schön collection has been one of the most beautiful collection of this September fashion week. 

The next fashion show was settled in Palazzo Clerici, we are talking about Genny fashion show. I haven't ever heard about this designer but I have to admit that its collection has been quite nice with a great use of colors and shades. 

The two fashion shows have been followed by the Corso Sempione expo, a great mixture of black and white textures harmoniously mixed for a businesswoman who never has to ask and that's was not the only one. 

The night was made magic by the presentation of the new brand Bosideng in the fantastic Diana Majestic Hotel of Milan. It's said that the owner is the 7th richer man in China. What kind of news will we have to wait from this new emerging brand?? 

The 5th day of this beautiful fashion week and unhappily my last one has been crowned by John Richmond and his new fantastic collection . Colorfull, rich of particularity and persuaded lines. 

What else to say? Hope to be present to the next fashion week.  Continue to follow me :) 

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