Drago gallery. A contemporary treasure in Bagheria.


What I found out this summer coming back home is that Sicily has a series of hidden treasures. Walking down the streets of my city I found out an amazing place I didn’t expect to find
What am I talking about? 
Drago gallery, of course. A gallery of contemporary art in the heart of my city. 

What a joy to meet the director, Piero Drago, a young man with the passion for art and books that accorded me an interview opening the gallery just for astandsforclass.com.

1. Good morning Mr. Drago. Tell us a little bit of you. Who stands behind the Drago gallery?

I’m involved on everything in the gallery,from the expositions to the edition of books. As you can see we are a quite little reality so manage the gallery means receive manuscripts and proof-read trying to do the less mistakes I can. I do everything with my wife that gives me a great help in the communication and in the organization of the expositions. The characteristic thing of our gallery is that of having mixed the publication of every book with an art expo. Ofter our expos starts with the publication of the book and its illustrations then we start building an expo. 

2. When does you love for art born? 

Since my childhood. Since I was a young boy my father was a little collector and he brought me around expos. There was,here in Bagheria, a beautiful gallery, the gallery of Ezio Pagano of whom I still remember some expos. My baptism in the art world has been right at my father’s house. 

3.What's your concept of art? 

Art is what makes you think,what arouses you questions and make us think about thing which we didn't think about.

4.When does the Drago gallery open for the first time? 

1996. We did an expo of Pablo Echaurren, son of the big Sebastian Matta. The expo was composed by 20 boards all united in an only work. It was the story of the birth and development of the Futurism seen by Pablo Echaurren

5. Open a gallery of modern art here in Bagheria could seem a challenge, what did push you to open a gallery here ? 

It’s true we’re in the province and we have to face big Milan galleries so,life’s hard, but if you do good things even Milan collectors can come to Bagheria. The important is trying to do thing of high level in order to make people move. Bagheria,Bagheria is my house so I decided that I had to do what I wanted to do in my house

6. How does Bagheria answer to contemporary art ? 

Bagheria answers in a good way and I’m happy about that.There are collectors,curious and passionated. Bagheria it’s not a city of illiterates. Bagheria is a difficult city, a city abandoned form the ruling class but this doesn’t means that there is no opportunity to work.

7. Was there an expo to which you felt more linked. If yes,why? 

I don’t remember expos in particular. There have been rather important moments for the history of the gallery. I remember the first time we worked with Mimmo Paladino, artist of international level, that I didn’t thought could ever accept our request,but he did and he was enthusiast and generous.

8. Reading your website I found out that Drago is also a publishing house. Which are the the criterions that you use to chose the manuscripts? 

Yes,since 2006 we have inaugurated this series of illustrated book with the projects of our expos. I am a reader and I chose my favorite writers and I ask them if they want to collaborate with me,some say yes other not but it may happen.

9. Your publishing house is directed only to the resident of the region Sicily or have you collaborated with writer outside our island?

No,we are distributed in Italy in a patchy way as a little publishing house can be and some book arrive even abroad. We did only a bilingual  book of a great writer with italian origins that was translated in many languages but not in italian and we have been the first to translate him in italian with some paintings of Mimmo Paladino. It has occurred to us to have some request of books from some spanish and swiss collectors but we don’t know if they asked for them to read it or only for the illustrations.

10. Which are your future projects for the gallery? 

They re many and linked to books that we re going to publish but  I
don’t want to give more details because they’re thing not really closed yet.

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