Astandsforclass hairstyle concept.


When Carlo of  RICA Hairdressers asked me to collaborate him for this project I was a little bit astonished and started to think about his request. 
He asked me to think about an « A stands for class hairstyle concept ». 
How is the astandsforclass girl? Which kind of beauty does it promote and which not? 

Normally when we think about beauty our mind goes to Versace or Dior mannequins, thin long and fashionable girls that walk on the fashion floor during a fashion show. 

That’s not my point of view.  For astandsforclass the really beauty hides in the everyday life.  For that reason I chose four friends of mine,very different in their generis but focusing my beauty's point of view. 
Moreover beauty is synonym of nature. It’s for this reason that for our adventure we used only natural products : Naturica for styling and Colorica for the color. 
That was the same point of view of Carlo and RICA, synonym of responsible beauty thanks to its formulation for 96/98% of natural origin. 

Our adventure started with Marta and Delfina, a student of the university of Siena and an aspiring actress. The two girls are really different but as far as I’m concerned,really complementary. 

Marta is the typical next door’s girl, the classic mediterranean beauty with her dark colors and his white smile.  For Marta we chose a really fresh and jaunty hair cut: really short in the back with long strands in front. 

Delfina has a very fairy beauty like Alice in wonderland with her voluminous curls in various shades of blonde. For her we chose a simple cut in order to underline her visage and her eyes. 

The next day we started working with Noemi and Costanza. Like Marta and Delfina they are very different but equally beautiful . Both of them attend the university of Palermo in order to became a biotechnologist and an engineer. 

Noemi has been hooked me since the first time I saw her many years ago. Her hair are something inexplicable. For her we didn’t have to do that much,we only underline her natural color using Naturica products, produced only with natural ingredients. 

Costanza is what I define « a power of nature ». For her we chose a very sexy haircut in order to underline her sex appeal. We covered her green hair with a natural auburn color always utilizing Naturica products. After the treatment we immediately notice how soft her hair become. 

This is what I’m talking about when I talk about beauty. 
What about you? Will you agree with me? 

Photographers : 

 Roberto Ferrante     for   Marta & Delfina

Carla Pagano            for     Noemi & Costanza 

Hair dresser and make up artist :


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