September VFNO is coming . Milan and Rome between Fashion and charity.


Spread the news, even this year the italian VFNO will vivify the streets of the two main cities of our country. 

Franca Sozzani, the head editor of Vogue Italy and Cristina Tajani declared that during the nights of 11th and 16th September ( respectively in Rome and Milan) the annual Vogue fashion’s night out will take place. 

A lot of initiatives for these fashion’s nights have been explicated by Franca Sozzani. 
There will be,as usual, limited edition stuff in each shop and for every purchase every single person will give his contribute to the new project « Milano Ti Forma Fleming e San Giusto ».

It is a way,said Franca Sozzani, to give help to those young people who are not in the economic conditions to be integrated in the business world. 
The money collected will be used as scholarship for a number of economical diseased teenagers in order to integrate them in the working world. 

Moreover, there are a lot of news. Who will do shopping with a Visa card will receive automatically a subscription to Vogue Italy. 
Lavazza propose some limited edition canvas bags handprinted produced in Etiopia with native fibers with each Kafa coffe bought. 
Martini will open a scouting of new talents in photography with through PhotoVogue.

More infos will be dispatched in proximity to the fashion nights. 

For now that’s all people. What to say? Milan/Rome here we go!! 

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