Paris underground. A parallel world under your feet.


The beauties of Paris are unspeakeable. The green boulevards,the great buildings showing their majestic architecture and the numerous monuments standing there for the insatiable eyes on the inhabitants and not only them, make this beautiful city like an other wolrd living in its own space. What we often forget is the tireless and fast world that lives unders our feet.  Paris’ underground . 

 Opened in 1900 for the expo that took place in the capital, the first metro line was quickly followed by other 13 different lines that branch out all over the city up to the countryside. Paris’ undergrounds expands for 215 km and counts more than 300 stations where everyday thousands of people spend almost the 20% of their day.
 Except for being the most used transport in Paris, the underground is also one of the most effective. We have only to think that with a ticket or buying a navigo pass, we are able to go from one point of the city to the other one ( it’s good to remember that paris is large 10x18km) in more or less 30 minutes, making the required changes.
 CHATELET  is the pride of the parisian underground. Just think that it lies in the centre of paris’ city life , for example Rue de Rivoli where we can found the Louvre Museum and the fabulous Marais area of Paris , but most of all it is the point of union for almost every line of the paris’ underground. That makes Chatelet the most important change station.
Parisian’s underground live is as eventful as the open air’s one. Every morning, young people stay at the enter of the most important station giving for free two famous underground’s newspaper, between them Métro News is the most read one.
 Let’s think about the most absurd melting-pot that you could ever meet in your life…done? Well, everything that you have never imagined is ready to come across in the very moment of your entrance in Paris’ underground. Every kind of person and ethnicity,every social an cultural strata is there,ready to mix and mix again during the whole day.

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