"Notes of a day" of Willy Vanderperre for Dior Homme


Thibaud Charon, Louis Bauvir and Jake Lucas, the mannequins of Vogue Hommes International meet the camera of Willy Vanderperre, celebrating the collection Dior Homme A/W 2014-2015 throughout an inedited short film. 

The film starts with a countdown, starting with the number 8,lucky number for Dior. The scenes continue in simplicity like a silent film mixing reality and dream.
 Images slide fast on the screen like a series of pics with a Black&White background. The theme of this short film is the death of love.

The simple but classy lines are typical of Dior and with its pois,collar pins and fine finishes, Dior create a new collection where class and fashion meet together in order to create one of the best fashion season ever. 

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