New Gucci Premiere campaign. A beautiful Blake Lively for the new advert.


It seems like everybody loves this young 26 years old girl ( so do I ) and everyone tries to keep her for himself.
We have talked about the large number of fashion designer that court the former Serena Van der Woodsen and it's not a mystery that as fashion love Blake,she love fashion in exchange.

So here she is, beautiful like always with a breathtaking beauty that shocks the viewer every single time he came across this new icon of beauty and style.

The preview of this new campaign (or the entire advert ) seems like the old one but this time we have a total black and white filming that while not doing justice to the beautiful colors of the actress, succeed in stressing her beauty.

The location is the desert and she is the only one that cames out from this bare background. Her voice and her eyes knows how to enter in the viewer's soul.

We can only say congrats to the joung Blake for this new work and hope to be able to test this new Gucci Premiere as soon as possible.

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