From Casteldaccia to Marie Claire. Noemi Quattrocchi model for a day.


Who on earth has never dreamt about taking part in an important photo shoots for a relevant magazine? It seems like a dream that can never come true but sometimes it happens and you could find yourself in the middle of a photo shoot for Marie Claire.

That's what happened some months ago to Noemi Quattrocchi,a young student at the university of Palermo. Living in the quiet village of Casteldaccia, Noemi could never imagine what was going to happen to her. 

Be like a model for one day? Yes she can.

  1. Hi Noemi,what a pleasure to have you here with us for this interview. So,let's begin with a simple question. Have you ever thought about taking part in a project like this? 

Surely I’d never expect to see my face in the foreground in such a well known magazine such as Marie Claire. It was my very first experience as photo model and my participation to the project has been really improvised.
      2. Tell us something about your experience. 

One day,at 20:30, they told me that I’d have posed for Marie Claire and my photo would be published on the March issue; the photo shoot was for the next morning at 9 am. I had definitely too little time to organize myself! My sister, finding out that they were looking for teenagers in various cities of Italy for a cultural project and that they would have dedicate them some pages of the magazine, without my knowledge sent some of my photos. So I ran to the location of the shooting at the very last day.

         3. How do you feel in collaborating with Marie Claire? 

Top of professionally and emotion to the stars. The make-up artist worked on my make up more than half an hour. I looked myself in the mirror and here it was; my face clean,without a shadow of eyeliner, but enlightened by expert hands. As for the hair style they didn’t worked a lot on it,they left my savage buds hair. The best moment has been without a doubt that one when I started trying the dresses :beautiful dresses with extravagant combination but harmonious at the same time and this didn’t escape to the attentive eye of the dresser. At the end they opted for a casual style, estival and funny.

           4. How much is this experience linked to your life’s aspirations? 

Unfortunately not much. I want to use my energy in order to obtain results in other fields. Anyway after this experience I did other photo shoots and I found out that I really like and enjoy it, so when I have the occasion to join initiatives like that I never let them go. 

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