Downtown in Bagheria. From Tornatore's masterpiece to astandsforclass .


Villa Palagonia

Hi guys here we are in Bagheria, a beautiful city near Palermo.

Walking down the streets I can't help to notice how beautiful this little city is. Living there for 18 years I rarely thought about this but now coming back for holidays I can appreciate it more.
Bagheria is also known as the city of Villas,indeed here tourists can find a lot of villa dating back to the 1700,years when the aristocracy of Palermo decided to build some houses in the countryside as Bagheria was.

Time passes and the city begins to take shape but the contrast between old and new rest a relevant part of this beautiful city where XVIII century Villas mix with the urban buildings of 2014.

Back of Villa Palagonia
Entry of villa Palagonia with the two monsters 

Old people of Bagheria playing cards on the square

Villa trabia

Entry of Villa Trabia

Detail of Villa Trabia

Detail of Villa Trabia

Murales on the centre city.

Corso Umberto I, main street .

Old door of the city.

Madrice Church

Saint Joseph, Patron of the City. 


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