Back to Sicily. Happy vacations.


Hi everybody. HERE'S ANGELO and I have to say it : Finally happy vacations. 

It has been quite hard this term but now I can affirm that I m free from university,until September.
They say there's nothing best than home and i'd like to add "There's nothing better than having a home in a island".

Sicily is well known for its disastrous aspects,politics and bureaucracy are not the best but I can swear that there's no better place to live in Summer.
We have it all. The sea,the sun,fun people and a lot of things to do during this hot season.
As for me, I came from Palermo and in my modest opinion I can say that there's no place more beautiful of it.

Whit his magic streets and the beautiful sea Palermo stay at the first positions of the truistic migration in Italy.
I feel really blessed to live here. Putting a pair of espadrilles and have a walk near to seaside in Mondello or in Aspra.

Haven't chosen a trip destination yet?

Come to Palermo and you'll never regret it !

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