Pierre&Gilles and Lachapelle: kings of the Masculin's expo.


During a ritual trip at the Orsay Museum I fell into the Masculin/Masculin expo, the most irreverent and at the same time sophisticated expo I've ever seen in my life.

Lots of sculpture,paintings and photos full the gallery that hosts this temporary expo in Paris but everyone is looking only at some specific works.

Pierre&Gilles and Lachapelle's photos seems to be the center of this new expo in Paris. The male's body is re-invented,kept to its finest expression and sometimes arrives to the limit of the profane.

The male body is explicit in this photos, nothing is hidden. PG and Lachapelle give birth to a new man,aware of his body and the emotions it can create.

A lot of old women visited the expo and my curiosity brought me to ask them how did they feel in front of this explicit content.

"There's no shame in human body,only stupid people can find inappropriate such a beautiful pictures. You know, female body has been used for a long time in TV and arts but we,the women,never have the opportunity to appreciate such beautiful bodies every time we want. I really believe that P&G and Mr. Lachapelle have felt this need of female population and gave us these beautiful pics. Now if you want to excuse me, I'd like to see twice the expo" , told me a 65 years old woman during the today exposition.

Irreverence and scandal are only a point of view,during this kind of expos all you have to do is enjoy,never mind, human body is yours.



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