Blake Lively.The new Marilyn Monroe?


Gossip girl here,your one and only source into the scand.......  ops,NO.  Gossip girl's time are over for the young Blake Lively and the fame that the young actress gained thanks to the world known tv series pushed her up to the Olympus of Cinema and fashion.

Born in an actors' family, the young Blake grew up with a great passion for the world of theater and cinema that will bring her to be one of the most known and influent actress of all the world.

In 1998 Blake had her first part in the film "Sandman" where her father worked as director. In 2005, persuaded by her brother, Blake act for "4 friends and a pair of jeans".


But is in 2007 with Gossip Girl that Blake became on of the most known actress all over the world. Better known as Serena van der Woodsen, a young girl of the upper east side of Manhattan, Blake arrives to the heart of thousands young people but not only.


On February 2011 the know shoes designer Christian Louboutin decided to create a shoe dedicated to the young actress "the Blake". From that moment the career of the young girl in the fashion world started to grow up more and more. On March of the same year Blake became ambassador of the famous french fashion's Maison  Chanel and muse of the designer Karl Lagerfeld.  In the same year the New York Times put Blake in its 100Time list as one of the 100 people most influent in the world.


From that moment everyone in the fashion world started to court the young actress that in a very little time became friend of the Vogue US' director Anna Wintour and testimonial of the new Gucci fragrance "Gucci première"  in 2012.

Her career in the cinema's world didn't stop and Blake was chosen as protagonist of "Green Lantern"in 2011 and "The savages" on 2012. 


Her attitude and "savoir faire" reminds us the known Marilyn Monroe and I keep on asking myself: will she be the Marilyn of our times or will she be more famous than the first one? t

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